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About me

I am a translator with a German Translation Diploma and have been working as a freelance translator for English, French and German for more than ten years. With Text on Target I offer first-class translation services and deliver texts with impact, mainly where impact is mostly needed – in Marketing. I work for customers in the most diverse industries – after all Marketing is needed everywhere. From furniture to retail, from agricultural machinery or IT to cookware – I am curious and love learning new things!

I appreciate the close collaboration with my customers, for some of whom I have been working for more than ten years now. And it is a pleasure to get into new sectors with every new customer I win.
I rely on a close cooperation with my customers – because you pay for a text that reflects the language of your company and is delivered without any fault or error. Your text has a message. And it's perfectly possible that your text works just fine in your culture, but would be not suitable at all in mine. That's where I start – and that's what I am best at: working interculturally and adjusting texts from one target group and culture to another. I deliver texts fit for your product and audience.

Thanks to my Estonian roots I have that kind of “intercultural genetic gene pool” that awakens the interest in language and culture. And have been in contact with diversity from the very beginning of my life on. It’s exciting and a real pleasure to being able to spend my days connecting people and crossing linguistic borders.

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Everything has its price and as a provider of first-class products you know that it's sometimes worth to invest a bit more.
My rates depend on the text, subject, complexity and the target and can not be calculated using a simple formula. Translations are as unique as the product you sell. Contact me today and I will send you an individual offer - non-commital and free of charge.
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